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What is Movimento Liberal Social (MLS)?

Movimento Liberal Social was officially created in 2005, following three years of previous contacts between Individual Members of LYMEC (European Liberal Youth). Its main goal is to promote Liberalism in Portugal. The movement is a political platform joining people who believe that the traditional divide in Portuguese politics, between a somewhat morally liberal but economically socialist Left, and a somewhat economically liberal but morally conservative Right makes little sense. We believe in an integral Liberal project for Portugal.

MLS is not connected to any political party in the country, nevertheless, its members are ideologically close to the ALDE Party (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party). Some of our members are individual members of ALDE Party or/and of LYMEC. MLS is the only organisation in Portugal which is member of ELF (European Liberal Forum), the federation of European Liberal think tanks which work with the ALDE Party.

Here you can have an idea of where does MLS stand in a Political Compass framework.

In a nutshell, MLS stands for:
● Individual moral sovereignty;
● A fair society, regulated by personal merit;
● Legal equality and right to be different;
● A small State that defends the Individual and society alike, protecting private property, justice, basic health care and social security, good education and cultural and environmental heritage;
● A market economy with a regulatory State;
● International cooperation and institutions promoting free movement of people, capital and goods and the right of each people to self-determination.

Comments, doubts, more information?

MLS is always looking forward for more international cooperation. Among our past or present partners we count the the world federation of Liberal youths, IFLRY, the Dutch Jonge Democraten, the European Liberal Youth, LYMEC, the Belgian think tank Centre Jean Gol, the Catalan think tank Fundació Catalanista i Demòcrata or the Galician GaLiDem.

If you wish to contact us, write to our International Officer, Ricardo Silvestre at MLS International Office (in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese).

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