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IFLRY convida membros do MLS para seminário na Geórgia

A IFLRY convida alguns membros do MLS a participar num seminário na Geórgia sobre o tema "Unemployment: threat to social cohesion. What liberals can say?”.

Os custos de participação neste seminário são muito reduzidos, dado que o mesmo é financiado pela Fundação Friedrich Naumann, ficando a cargo do participante apenas 20% dos custos da passagem aérea e 55€ de inscrição no evento.

A participação está aberta (via MLS) apenas a membros inscritos no MLS.

Mais detalhes sobre o evento:

This seminar will focus on the youth unemployment (YUE) issues and liberal suggestions to solve the problem. Seminar will aim to educate young leaders about the economic and social causes and effects of unemployment and the innovation and implementation of policies designed to combat these factors. In order to explore the social cohesions issues surrounding YUE there will be time devoted for reports by the participants on the YUE situation in their countries.

Seminar participants also will try to analyse the problem from a global perspective, to discuss it from the regional and national points of view.
Special attention will be devoted for Southern Caucasus.

The seminar will include a cultural evening and an organizational display.
For these two events, IFLRY asks each participant to bring food and drink from their country. Also, they should bring materials on their organization, such as posters, stickers or leaflets. Information relating to the advocacy of youth perspective in the participant’s particular country or region is of particular interest.

English will be the working language for this seminar.

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